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#1 2019-04-21 11:40:38

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[RDV4] Changes in power input during tuning and reading mode


I am using proxmark3 for some of my my red team projects, and wanted to build an extremely small and a wireless portable version of the Proxmark3. I am using a Pizero W for this which starts up a Wifi hotspot on boot and takes up around 300-350Amps of power. I connected a 5v battery which outputs 1Amp to the Pizero and connected the Proxmark3 RDV 4.0 which I read that it takes up around 500 Amp of power. The pizero boots up fine and I can ssh via the hotspot and read LF/HF cards, but if I do HW tune, it reboots the PiZero. This only happens if I connect it to the battery. If I connect the pizero to a charger, it works fine coz my charger outputs around 2Amps which has led me to a conclusion that Hw Tune requires more power.

I haven't been able to test out the exact power requirements of the PM3, but I was wondering if anyone knows what is the power consumption of the PM3 and how much more power does it require. I have ordered a to check the power input, but that would take a few days to reach here and I was wondering if anyone could help me with the power consumption difference! smile


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