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#1 2020-11-29 22:08:28

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umm_malloc - calloc/free/malloc

Hey guys,

i am currently working with the mbedtls elliptic curve diffie-hellmann functions. Therefore, i need a working implementation of "calloc" and "free", which is not available.
My preferred solution would be the "umm_malloc" library, that you can find here:

It should be compatible with the Proxmark3. My only problem is the following:

The following #defines must be set to something useful for the library to work at all

- UMM_MALLOC_CFG_HEAP_ADDR must be set to the symbol representing the starting address of the heap. The heap must be aligned on the natural boundary size of the processor.
- UMM_MALLOC_CFG_HEAP_SIZE must be set to the size of the heap. The heap size must be a multiple of the natural boundary size of the processor.

What are the correct values for these variables in order to get a working implementation? I would be very happy if someone could help me.

If this isn't possible, my second idea is the usage of "BigBuf.c" which is already in the armsrc directory. Therefore i need to implement "calloc" and "free" by myself.

Thanks in advance and kind regards.


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