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#1 2020-09-15 07:23:01

From: Stockholm Sweden
Registered: 2020-09-04
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Dear Proxmark Community

First of all, i should say that I'm proud to be a member of this community that has such excellent minds.

I'm a cybersecurity engineer student from Stockholm and I'm sad to say that RFID security isn't that big of a topic in the official studies.

So I will be turning to this community instead to learn and develop my skills in RFID.

I've already learned a lot from different materials that Chris Herrmann has created, and I must say that he is truly a master of the Proxmark and an inspiration to never stop learning.

And thanks to everyone else that gives time to help and inform others that want to learn.


#2 2020-09-15 09:51:21

Registered: 2013-04-25
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Re: Dear Proxmark Community

Welcome and thank you for reading the introduction post

Your access rights has been updated.

If you feel the love,



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