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#1 2020-08-27 22:20:32

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Hello from the other side ....

Welcome "coldman" as I see only you bother to reply to initial invitation smile

Greetings from somewhere in EU, usually using PIA but in this case not so easy to find.

I have the latest Proxmark and need to work on reading and understanding how to use it.

Although working more than 20y with Security I am making first steps with access control for several months now .... so I would be very very grateful for any tips, help, link to webinars, online of f2f training, it can be FOC charge, or with fees.

Anything which would allow me to poses knowledge faster would be very welcome.

Before I will start having stupid questions I will make sure to pass thru suggested topics.

Have a fantastic weekend - all who was patient enough to read to that point wink


#2 2020-08-28 06:17:23

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Re: Hello from the other side ....


your access rights has been updated.

Its all part of our intention to fight off spam account,  so to make sure you read the introduction post, I just link it again.

If you feel the love,



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