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#1 2020-04-19 20:06:36

From: Sweden
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common configurations

I'm try to learn me little more about hitag2 smile
Readiing the boring manual.
Here is little info about the cfg bit.

Page3 CFG bit

Manchester         0       
Biphase              0x01       
MS0  Standard     0x02         
MS1  standard      0x04
Password mode     0     
Crypto mode        0x08
Page3 lock           0x40
page1/page2 lock  0x80

// common configurations.
    // printHitagConfiguration(0x06);    Manchester(MS0 MS1, disable)  Passwd P3/read p1,p2/read
    //printHitagConfiguration( 0x0E );   Manchester(MS0 MS1, disable)  Crypto mode P3/read p1,p2/read
    //printHitagConfiguration( 0x02 );   Manchester(MS0 MS1 =ISO 11784/5)Passwd P3/read p1,p2/read
    //printHitagConfiguration( 0x00 );   Manchester(MS0 MS1 =MIRO 1)Passwd P3/read p1,p2/read 
    //printHitagConfiguration( 0x04 );   Manchester(MS0 MS1 =PCF7931/30/35 2)Passwd P3/read p1,p2/read

Page 3 read/write3          0x40 Page 3 read only
Page 1 and 2 read/write   
Page 1 no read/no write    0x80 Page 2 read only in passwd mode, Page 2 no read/no write in crypto mode

MS1 MS0 Read Only Mode Note
0 0 MIRO 1
0 1 ISO 11784/5
1 0 PCF7931/30/35 2
1 1 Disabled


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