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#1 2020-02-29 05:01:50

Registered: 2017-08-07
Posts: 22

ISO 15693 using ISO-15693 cards from

We successfully changed the UID on the card purchased from

However, the original and magic card are still not identical.

See attached.

Does anyone know how to make these two cards identical? The IC reference given, pages, and AFI are not the same between the two cards. How to change these values so the two cards are identical?

See screenshot here:


#2 2020-03-02 16:14:02

Registered: 2019-03-02
Posts: 66

Re: ISO 15693 using ISO-15693 cards from

Hello, normally identical UID the card must accept the file of the card to clone. You must verify the number of blocks of the card to clone & your magic card, they must be identical.
Good evening.


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