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#1 2019-10-18 04:27:38

Registered: 2019-01-27
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[RDV2] Flashing error on Mac OS

Hi guys,

I'm having an issue flashing my PM3 RDV2.0 from Elechouse on Mac OS Mojave.  Here's the command and output:

(0) [hw version]

[ CLIENT ]         
client: iceman build for RDV40 with flashmem; smartcard; 
bootrom: master/v3.1.0-87-g905d297-dirty-suspect 2019-04-20 06:06:29
os: /-suspect 2015-11-19 10:08:09
LF FPGA image built for 2s30vq100 on 2015/03/06 at 07:38:04
HF FPGA image built for 2s30vq100 on 2015/11/ 2 at  9: 8: 8

[ Hardware ]           
  --= uC: AT91SAM7S512 Rev B         
  --= Embedded Processor: ARM7TDMI         
  --= Nonvolatile Program Memory Size: 512K bytes, Used: 169916 bytes (32%) Free: 354372 bytes (68%)         
  --= Second Nonvolatile Program Memory Size: None         
  --= Internal SRAM Size: 64K bytes         
  --= Architecture Identifier: AT91SAM7Sxx Series         
  --= Nonvolatile Program Memory Type: Embedded Flash Memory   
(1) [Command used: bootrom/obj/bootrom.elf]

MacBook:~ Mac$ bootrom/obj/bootrom.elf
-bash: bootrom/obj/bootrom.elf: No such file or directory
MacBook:~ Mac $

(2) [Command used: armsrc/obj/fullimage.elf]
MacBook:~ Mac $ armsrc/obj/fullimage.elf
-bash: armsrc/obj/fullimage.elf: No such file or directory


(3) [command used: pm --> ./client/flasher /dev/cu.usbmodem14101 -b bootrom/obj/bootrom.elf armsrc/obj/fullimage.elf ]

pm3 -->  ./client/flasher /dev/cu.usbmodem14101 -b bootrom/obj/bootrom.elf armsrc/obj/fullimage.elf
help             This help. Use '<command> help' for details of a particular command.         
analyse          { Analyse utils... }         
data             { Plot window / data buffer manipulation... }         
hf               { High Frequency commands... }         
hw               { Hardware commands... }         
lf               { Low Frequency commands... }         
rem              { Add text to row in log file }         
reveng           { Crc calculations from the software reveng 1.53... }         
script           { Scripting commands }         
trace            { Trace manipulation... }         
mem              { RDV40, Flash Memory manipulation... }         
sc               { RDV40, Smart card ISO7816 commands... }         
exit             Exit program         
pm3 -->

// 14101 is my usb port number and help directory comes up in Proxmark client when I tried to flash?

Any help would be appreciated !


#2 2019-10-18 07:27:53

Registered: 2013-04-25
Posts: 6,654

Re: [RDV2] Flashing error on Mac OS

First make sure you compile and flash latest RRG/Iceman repo targetting PM3OTHER …

Then  flash bootrom,  reset,  flash fullimage..

You might need to use the button trick,  and make sure to look for serial port changes after flashing bootrom... and kill modemmanager...

If you feel the love,



#3 2019-10-18 08:52:11

Registered: 2013-06-04
Posts: 704

Re: [RDV2] Flashing error on Mac OS

pm --> ./client/flasher /dev/cu.usbmodem14101 -b bootrom/obj/bootrom.elf armsrc/obj/fullimage.elf

You have to run this command from the shell, not from the proxmark client.


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