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#1 2018-08-13 19:51:53

Registered: 2018-07-10
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Sudden Change In "hw tune" Values

Hello all, I recently pulled my proxmark3 back out after a couple of days resting on the shelf and first ran the command hw tune. I immediately noticed that something was off. I got some crazy voltages, even though days before I was getting voltages at the highest of 80v. Here is the response from the proxmark:

proxmark3> hw tune

Measuring antenna characteristics, please wait...
# LF antenna: 87.72 V @   125.00 kHz
# LF antenna: 3316121.60 V @   134.00 kHz
# LF optimal: -2660630.53 V @   126.32 kHz
# HF antenna: 26.27 V @    13.56 MHz
Displaying LF tuning graph. Divisor 89 is 134khz, 95 is 125khz.

I can still read tags right now, but something obviously seems off. If anyone has any ideas as to what it could be and what exactly the consequences of such weird voltages are I would greatly appreciate it!


#2 2018-08-13 20:21:37

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Re: Sudden Change In "hw tune" Values

Sounds like you mixed client / firmware versions...

hw status
hw tune

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