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#1 2017-12-06 01:08:11

Registered: 2014-03-19
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PM3 can't read iclass 2000 DL card

well, this is the situation,

new iclass 2000 DL has very long reading distance compare to DP card on authentic iclass reader, almost doubled.

using "hf tune" on PM3, I can see the voltage drops alot when DL card is approaching, but PM3 can't read anything out from it.

PM3 returns "no known card found" when probing

I've tried on original PM2 and elechouse v2 dev version, same result

Technically DL, DP just strands for the different factory, but I can see the size and shape of antenna has changed a bit between DL and DP

Has anyone experienced this?



#2 2017-12-16 10:48:03

Registered: 2017-10-08
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Re: PM3 can't read iclass 2000 DL card

Hi , yes,  I've similar issue, but what about DY card? what does it signify?


#3 2018-05-16 14:01:47

Registered: 2014-03-19
Posts: 27

Re: PM3 can't read iclass 2000 DL card

An update on this topic.

From my experience, all recent produced iclass 2xxx cards are not be able to read by PM3.

I've tested on following PM3 on market (proxmark3 original, proxmark easy, Elechouse Rdv2, Radiowar enhanced PM3), none of them is able to read.
hf tune shows the voltage change while card is approaching. But when reading, just return "no tag found". Also tested on multiple branches and versions of firmware. No luck all of them.

However, original HID iclass readers have no problem reading them at all.

The cards I have tested are ordered from HID directly in standard security mode.

The antenna I used is from this, I bought it from elechouse website directly. It never had any problem reading 2000, 2020, 2050, 2080, 2060 credentials before, just the recent ordered thin card from HID are not able to be read, the antenna structure looks quite different in the new card compare to previous 2000 card. please refer to pictures below.

New 2000: … m.jpg?dl=0 … m.jpg?dl=0

Previous 2000: … m.jpg?dl=0

As I mentioned, the voltage still decreased while the card approaching to PM3 antenna, I have tried all possible angles and distances, no luck, all ended up with "no tag found". However, on R10, R30, R40 and RW300, got read immediately with correct bit output.

Anyone has insight?


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