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#1 2010-04-25 02:57:14

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What MCU do you have on your PM3?

The original PM3 schematics used an AT91SAM7S64 (64K of flash, 16K of SRAM).  A BOM I saw floating around (from TheQLabs, maybe?) used the AT91SAM7S256 (256K of flash, 64K of SRAM), and that's what the "ZikZak" PM3s we sold at CCC used.

It's currently difficult to find the 256K chips; other options would be the AT91SAM7S128 (128K / 32K) and the AT91SAM7S512 (512K / 64K).   If you have a PM3 (whether you built it yourself or bought it from someone else), please take a look at it and tell me which chip is used on yours (this will be the 2nd-largest chip on the PCB).

For what it's worth, it looks like the firmware in SVN today would fit fairly easily in the 7S128's flash, but will require a little bit of optimization to fit in its 32K of memory:

$ arm-eabi-size obj/fullimage.elf 
   text     data      bss      dec      hex  filename
  43878    42176    32885   118939    1d09b  obj/fullimage.elf

text and data both sit in flash (so, 86054 bytes); BSS sits in RAM, so we're using a bit over 32K of -- but it's only over by 117 bytes.

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#2 2010-04-25 10:23:44

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Re: What MCU do you have on your PM3?

All PM3s obtained from are 256.


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