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#1 2017-09-13 07:21:03

Registered: 2017-09-13
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pm3 --> hf emv trans #db# unknown command:: 0x0701

hi iceman,

this is my pm3 version。

root@user-virtual-machine:/home/user/Downloads/20170912/proxmark3-1.6.9/client# ./proxmark3 /dev/ttyACM0
Proxmark3 RFID instrument         
bootrom: iceman/HEAD/ 2017-09-12 14:31:09
os: iceman/HEAD/ 2017-09-12 14:31:10
LF FPGA image built for 2s30vq100 on 2015/03/06 at 07:38:04
HF FPGA image built for 2s30vq100 on 2015/11/ 2 at  9: 8: 8
uC: AT91SAM7S512 Rev A         
Embedded Processor: ARM7TDMI         
Nonvolatile Program Memory Size: 512K bytes. Used: 225447 bytes (43%). Free: 298841 bytes (57%).         
Second Nonvolatile Program Memory Size: None         
Internal SRAM Size: 64K bytes         
Architecture Identifier: AT91SAM7Sxx Series         
Nonvolatile Program Memory Type: Embedded Flash Memory         
pm3 -->

and i want to read emv card,but have some problem i can’t slove as fllows:

pm3 --> hw
help             This help         
detectreader     ['l'|'h'] -- Detect external reader field (option 'l' or 'h' to limit to LF or HF)         
fpgaoff          Set FPGA off         
lcd              <HEX command> <count> -- Send command/data to LCD         
lcdreset         Hardware reset LCD         
readmem          [address] -- Read memory at decimal address from flash         
reset            Reset the Proxmark3         
setlfdivisor     <19 - 255> -- Drive LF antenna at 12Mhz/(divisor+1)         
setmux           <loraw|hiraw|lopkd|hipkd> -- Set the ADC mux to a specific value         
tune             Measure antenna tuning         
version          Show version information about the connected Proxmark         
status           Show runtime status information about the connected Proxmark         
ping             Test if the pm3 is responsive         
pm3 --> hf
help             This help         
14a              { ISO14443A RFIDs... }         
14b              { ISO14443B RFIDs... }         
15               { ISO15693 RFIDs... }         
epa              { German Identification Card... }         
emv              { EMV RFIDs... }         
legic            { LEGIC RFIDs... }         
iclass           { ICLASS RFIDs... }         
mf               { MIFARE RFIDs... }         
mfu              { MIFARE Ultralight RFIDs... }         
mfdes            { MIFARE Desfire RFIDs... }         
topaz            { TOPAZ (NFC Type 1) RFIDs... }         
tune             Continuously measure HF antenna tuning         
list             List protocol data in trace buffer         
search           Search for known HF tags [preliminary]         
snoop            <samples to skip (10000)> <triggers to skip (1)> Generic LF/HF Snoop in Testing stage 
pm3 --> hf search
UID : 4F 6A CF 9A           
ATQA : 00 04         
SAK : 28 [1]         
TYPE : JCOP31 or JCOP41 v2.3.1         
ATS : 07 78 B3 B4 02 47 44 A8 4E           
       -  TL : length is 7 bytes         
       -  T0 : TA1 is present, TB1 is present, TC1 is present, FSCI is 8 (FSC = 256)         
       - TA1 : different divisors are NOT supported, DR: [2, 4], DS: [2, 4]         
       - TB1 : SFGI = 4 (SFGT = 65536/fc), FWI = 11 (FWT = 8388608/fc)         
       - TC1 : NAD is NOT supported, CID is supported         
       -  HB : 47 44           
Answers to magic commands (GEN1): NO         

Valid ISO14443-A Tag Found - Quiting Search
pm3 --> hf emv
help             This help         
trans            Perform EMV Reader Transaction         
getrng           get random number from terminal         
eload            load EMV tag into device         
dump             Dump EMV tag values         
list             [Deprecated] List ISO7816 history
pm3 --> hf emv trans
#db# unknown command:: 0x0701
pm3 --> hf emv dump
#db# unknown command:: 0x0708
waitting for a response from the proxmark...
Don't forget to cancel its operation first by pressing on the button
Command execute time-out
pm3 -->


#2 2017-09-14 02:38:46

Registered: 2017-09-13
Posts: 4

Re: pm3 --> hf emv trans #db# unknown command:: 0x0701

it is something about Rev *?
my pm3 is Rev  A,
uC: AT91SAM7S512 Rev A         
uC: AT91SAM7S512 Rev B
iceman ,can you give me some advice ?


#3 2017-09-15 15:59:03

From: Hong Kong
Registered: 2016-10-05
Posts: 135

Re: pm3 --> hf emv trans #db# unknown command:: 0x0701

I see you are probably from China. This is the new Jcop card getting popular in China.

Well. We might need a custom chip set for this. I am very reluctant to do so. Since the profit margin is not high in China.

I will keep you guys noted if I got more spare time to deal with it.

You live, you learn.
You give, you take.
You win, you lose.


#4 2017-09-17 17:51:40

Registered: 2016-07-06
Posts: 8

Re: pm3 --> hf emv trans #db# unknown command:: 0x0701

Hey newcomer

Seems you didn't flash the firmware correctly, maybe you have a older FW in your proxmark.
For the moment its impossible to compile the new FW with EMV.

See issue:

It works on one of the first EMV versions from Iceman. But it's broken at the moment.

Edit: Seems to compile now. But some cmd's are missing. got the same errors....

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