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#1 2017-05-07 01:27:12

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Magic tag/fob/card for Mifare NTAG ... what are they good for?

I try to understand the use of magic card/tag/fob for HF Mifare, NXP etc, and now also NTAG213/215/216.

I remember to see video about Samsung Mifare lock kit in Singapore, about entrance lock VIGIK in France, so I understand you would use Mifare 1K Magic to create copy of key. what about 4K, UL SL, S50, S70 etc. 4-digit then  7-digit UID? Are all they for access purpose too?

On the forum I read about Mifare implementation in printing machine, cafe machine (!) But I can not believe it is only for that purpose. The printing machine business, or coffee machine business would easily check the electronic record data base, and it would easily flag up a company over 2 years not doing any top up

Here in the UK I know some systems where HF is in use:
- Oyster card; DESFIRE EV1 can not break
- Gym card; DESFIRE EV1
- identity card passport, EMV not HF
- bank cards, EMV techno not HF
- colleague university entrance card,
- Trading worker ID card  like for plumbers,plasters, construction workers

Apart from those areas I don't see they are used any where else, where I try to find a motivation, a sense for me to dive into HF to study or learning how to decode original HF card, then how to use magic card for duplicate.

With LF it is easy, I understand a second keys for cleaner, you want to open door not with key but just tape on with your wallet, or using just your bare hand/finger you want to show off how you would magically open doors

With HF it is a big hurden for me to understand why trying to buy all type of HF magic materials and for doing what
- a copy of Oyster card; DESFIRE EV1 can not break, even when it is possible, when you are inside the system could flag you up any time you have not topped up but used more than you allowed then you can not come out of the metro
- Gym card; DESFIRE EV1 a copy members and staff seeing each other so often the week, a copy of GYM card surely can be wise
- identity card passport, EMV not HF same sense it is not only electronic but image to, any controller stops you and it flags up here is copy face not matched datas... So why shoud I learn HF decoding here
- bank cards, EMV techno not HF, I read about some criminal intention like phishing, but here too, you could get datas like 16 digits long card number name, expiry date but never Card PIN for ATM use, In UK, Rule is rigit: Merchandise are sent only to card registered address,
- colleague university entrance card, I donjt see why would students or lecturers wants to have a copy
- Trading worker ID card  like for plumbers,plasters, construction workers I don't see why would workers wants to have a copy, they are there for work, if they lost the card they just go to HR and get one new for free.... why would that worker doing a copy of that ID?   

I see those magic card aren't cheap £6 for the ole Mifare classic 1K, £25, £60 people must have a financial gain > than £60 when buying them to make copy for something... But what is it? You are in the trade and you know much more than me, could you give me some ideas for motivation to study deeper the use of Magic card/fob/tag in HF areas, even when you think a idea is too criminelle  I still like to know, so I can get over the mental blocking when I go to HF study.

Apart from science and experiment only, is there any material purpose here? do you know? Can you share?

I have asked some best friends, but could not get to the ground of the problem. your help advise is much appreciated.

You can call me an idiot to ask something like that on this  expert forum, but pls give a reason give me something concrete.

My email is, tell me there if you don't want to say it on the forum.

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