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#1 2010-01-03 11:15:01

Registered: 2010-01-03
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Legic write support


I know that write support for the Legic prime is not released yet. And this is exactly my security problem!

We use Legic cards at work for various purposes. I will demo the problems to my bosses next week or so. But with only read support, they will probably don't understand the problem (or just not believe in it). On the other hand, if i could clone a card (or even just write something like "You have been owned" to the card) i could drive my point home.

I don't need to simulate a card or something like that, just modifying a few single bytes on the card would be enough.

I should be able to do this without knowing the stream cipher and CRC calculations (in the first step, i don't care so much WHAT i write to the card and brute-forcing a 4-bit CRC should be easy). Tried implementing something to that effect but can't get it to work.

Anyone can help me out? (I'm willing to talk about signing a time-limited NDA if that helps).



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