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#1 2016-10-06 05:02:23

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[PWR] Current PWR PM3 , Phase 1 : Collecting Data


I'm currently in a need to work on the PM3 current consumption.

For such matter, I would be _very_pleased_ if some of you could provide some numbers of their board consumption in these states :

- IDLE  ( Just start the  device and let it in the AppMain() for(;;) loop )
- long "hf cuids", with an average value (cuids 200+ should be enough )
- "hf mf mifare"
- 14a sniffing/snooping
- hf mf sim , with and without "nr_attack"
- full eml operation (Loading from and to Chineses cards is perfect)
- Long Chkeys operations (like 100+keys count with not any keys of the tested tag)

And any more would be great.
If you are somehow equped to provide more than average values, like whole current curve with marks and labels of the States, it would be Christmas before time.

Oh, and if you were to provides any of these data's, _PLEASE_ do not forget to specify :
- Build specification (Official, Marshmellow, Iceman's etc...)
- Build date , or C/C from the "hw ver".
- Boards specifications (PM3 standard from "Standard Vendor", ElecHouse PM3 Kit Ver XXX, Taobao's PM3 "XXXX " , or whatever needed to disttinguish the boards.)

If the board has been modded in way current consumption could not be used as standard/calibration metric, please specify such mods information along with these numbers.

Thanks a lot for anything of this, even I'm not expecting for a lot of answers here wink

Bonus for anyone which could tell power consumption impact of WITH vs WITHOUT piwi's hardnested implementation of nonce-collection (Iceman build has example for it being implemented, like in Chkeys). Here the curve will definitely be more of a value than average value.

Bonus for anyone which can tell (not only power but much more could be) impact of using 3v3/GND from the JTAG connectors with N/Ced VBUS on the micro-USB .


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