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#1 2016-01-16 14:16:10

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Is there such thing as...

Is there such thing as a tool where you put 2 things:
A, the entry data
B, the result

and then the tool do its magic and tells you how from A you get B.
A and B are binary data

A bit like a GPU bruteforcer. You know the hash type A, you know B, but you don't know C...


#2 2016-05-18 05:23:11

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Re: Is there such thing as...

I don't have a black belt in both GPU bruteforcer or in this forum but I can tell you a little...

Also in RFID there are bruteforcer you won't see until your knowledge is strong enough for they let you see them. Those tools where you have entry data a some kind of hash, and there are the tools performing somehow the magic, get you to B... They are in RFID too, be aware they are called in teased-you names, so don't take it lightly. They may look over just your shoulder and you not even know that.

Yes the magic are too in RFID, in PM3, in both HF sector and yes there is/are also in LF sector... just not the GPU magic.

On the remark of GPU, as you know and Atom has many times told us too, "there are fast mechanisms, and there slow mechanisms" MD4,MD5, SHA, phpBB3, mybulettin, wordpress etc are the fast hash mechanism, and there are the slow hash like WPA/WPA2, lotus, coldfusion, SQL, bitcoin, and at last there are the slow and awfully slow hashs eg. jumla, zip, rar, truecrypt.

how long does a password check in truescrypt? If Atom never adds any of this stuff in the OCL, not even one kind, there is a reason...

GPU and even the ability of support upto  16 GPUs support of a hask crunching wonder SW (well if you have a very large pocket)can do a lot of damages. But, here around the slow hash end, even with loads of GPUs you hardly lift the magic over few thousands keys/s, epixoip will tell you a long tale of it "it doesn't work like that, use your head."

The check mechanism in authentication here is about 3s to 5s, so very slow, so even when your repetitive calculations could be done through your GPU very quickly you still have the bottleneck of checking, ... so here too epixoip will tell you a long tale of it "it doesn't work like that, use your head"

Everything is possible.

We just have to learn it, know it and we might find out but not for the GPU. See, the FBI does crack the apple, even after the first fail PW, check waiting time prolong to 9s, then 15s, the 30s, then erase all data after 10 failed checks... They did it because they look in; they sit down; they study and they see it...



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