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#1 2014-09-04 11:12:59

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13.56mhz antenna on proxmark3 from xfpga

Hi folks I am newbie on this forum but have lot of experience in rf and atmel avr programming.
I bought proxmark3 from xfpga,its working fine but but I tried to make more volt in 13.56 antenna.
With 100pf capacitor I couldn't do over 12v but after replacing it with 47pf I make it to 13v.
Plan is to try to replace it with 15pf to get better result.Antenna is rectangle 5x4 cm 3.5 turns wire 0.55 mm,maybe it will help somebody.Cable is big factor so when you make antenna with good result if you change length of cable result is going to change.
Did anybody try to replace r27 or r29 with smaller value for more power?


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