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#1 2011-06-28 14:51:08

Registered: 2010-12-20
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Does anybody know the protocol to be able to program the Prox II cards? The HID programmers go for $1000. Seems like the Proxmark3 should be able to achieve this feature. Or, do the HID programmers have extra components?


#2 2011-06-29 21:47:47

From: Arizona USA
Registered: 2010-07-04
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Re: Writer/Programmer

The HID Prox II cards use the Temic E5550 IDIC chip. The factory cards use a 32-bit password that must be used during the programming of the card. The HID Prox programmer will utilize this password when programming the credential. If you don't know the password then the HID credential cannot be programmed. Your best bet is to use an ATA5567 or  T5555(Q5) read/write card to create a "HID compatible" card. The door readers cannot distinguish between an original card and the duplicate. See the 7/5/10 response in the  following thread.


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