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#1 2020-07-27 22:46:49

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Volunteers for migrating Windows client on an ST-ARM Micro-controller

We are looking for volunteers who want to eliminate the need for having a PC (OS-based platforms and the requirement for a software-client) as the Proxmark's controller. The idea is to use an STM Microcontroller (F-series) as the controller of proxmark3, sending and receiving commands over USB to serial port. The point is that the client is not just the commander, it also does the decoding of receiving information from the board. The good news is that the client source codes are all in C language and only modifications are required to be able to migrate the client on an ARM-based microcontroller (eliminating the dependencies on Windows's libraries). Wh201906 and I have started extracting the working flow of the client codes which we would share with you soon. The flow of the codes is pretty straight forward and understandable. In parallel, I'm trying to set up a USB to serial link on a Discovery kit with STM32F407VG MCU to be used as the commander of the PM3 by migrating the client on the board part by part. I personally prefer to start with one card and then keeping it going, I would say Em410 cards.  Anybody up for substituting the PC with a microcontroller please raise a hand?
There were tries beforehand, but this time we are pretty determined to make it happen.

PS: The goal of doing so is making the device handy and much more easy to develop.

Here is my email=, please feel free to contact me.

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