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#1 2011-05-06 14:54:02

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proxmark3 svn 468 Reference Manual

Hi all,

I've successfully compiled the last version of proxmark software in the svn ( v. 468) but I can't find a valid reference manual for the commands provided by the client proxmark3.

Where can I find it?


#2 2011-08-31 12:33:20

Registered: 2011-07-25
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Re: proxmark3 svn 468 Reference Manual

The command more or less are the same in v 4.68 change the syntax

SINTAX                   HELP
hw detectreader    ('l'|'h') -- Detect external reader field (option 'l  or 'h' to limit to LF or HF)
hw fpgaoff                    Set FPGA off
hw lcd                    <HEX command> <count> -- Send command/data to LCD
hw lcdreset    Hardware reset LCD
hw readmem    (address) -- Read memory at decimal address from fla
hw reset                    Reset the Proxmark3
hw setlfdivisor    <19 - 255> -- Drive LF antenna at 12Mhz/(divisor+1)
hw setmux                    <loraw|hiraw|lopkd|hipkd> -- Set the ADC mux to a sp
hw tune                     Measure antenna tuning
hw version     Show version inforation about the connected Proxmark
data amp     Amplify peaks
data askdemod     <0|1> -- Attempt to demodulate simple ASK tags
data autocorr     <window length> -- Autocorrelation over window
data bitsamples     Get raw samples as bitstring
data bitstream     (clock rate) -- Convert waveform into a bitstream
data buffclear     Clear sample buffer and graph window
data dec     Decimate samples
data detectclock     Detect clock rate
data fskdemod     Demodulate graph window as a HID FSK
data grid                     <x> <y> -- overlay grid on graph window, use zero value to turn off either
data hexsamples     <blocks> (<offset>) -- Dump big buffer as hex bytes
data hide                      Hide graph window
data hpf                      Remove DC offset from trace
data load                     <filename> -- Load trace (to graph window
data ltrim                     <samples> -- Trim samples from left of trace
data mandemod     (i) (clock rate) -- Manchester demodulate binary stream (option 'i' to invert output)
data manmod     (clock rate) -- Manchester modulate a binary stream
data norm                     Normalize max/min to +/-500
data plot                     Show graph window
data samples     (128 - 16000) -- Get raw samples for graph window
data save                     <filename> -- Save trace (from graph window)
data scale                     <int> -- Set cursor display scale
data threshold     <threshold> -- Maximize/minimize every value in the graph window depending data zerocrossings    Count time between zero-crossings
hf tune                    Continuously measure HF antenna tuning
hf 14a list                     List ISO 14443a history
hf 14a reader     Act like an ISO14443 Type A reader
hf 14a sim     <UID> -- Fake ISO 14443a tag
hf 14a snoop     Eavesdrop ISO 14443 Type A
hf 14b demod     Demodulate ISO14443 Type B from tag
hf 14b list                     List ISO 14443 history
hf 14b read     Read HF tag (ISO 14443)
hf 14b sim     Fake ISO 14443 tag
hf 14b simlisten     Get HF samples as fake tag
hf 14b snoop     Eavesdrop ISO 14443
hf 14b sri512read     <int> -- Read contents of a SRI512 tag
hf 14b srix4kread     <int> -- Read contents of a SRIX4K tag
hf 15 demod     Demodulate ISO15693 from tag
hf 15 read                     Read HF tag (ISO 15693)
hf 15 record     Record Samples (ISO 15693)
hf 15 reader     Act like an ISO15693 reader
hf 15 sim                     Fake an ISO15693 tag
hf 15 cmd                     Send direct commands to ISO15693 tag
hf 15 findafi     Brute force AFI of an ISO15693 tag
hf 15 dumpmemory     Read all memory pages of an ISO15693 tag
hf legic decode     Display deobfuscated and decoded LEGIC RF tag data (use after hf legic reader)
hf legic reader     (offset (length)) -- read bytes from a LEGIC card
hf legic save     <filename> (<length>) -- Store samples
hf legic load     <filename> -- Restore samples
hf legic sim     (phase drift (frame drift (req/resp drift))) Start tag simulator (use after load or read)
hf legic write     <offset> <length> -- Write sample buffer (user after load or read)
hf legic fill                     <offset> <length> <value> -- Fill/Write tag with constant value
hf iclass list     List iClass history
hf iclass snoop     Eavesdrop iClass communication
hf mf dbg                     Set default debug mode
hf mf rdbl                     Read MIFARE classic block
hf mf rdsc                     Read MIFARE classic sector
hf mf wrbl                     Write MIFARE classic block
hf mf chk                     Test block up to 8 keys
hf mf mifare     Read parity error messages. param - <used card nonce>
hf mf nested     Test nested authentication
hf mf sim                     Simulate MIFARE 1k card
hf mf eclr                     Clear simulator memory block
hf mf eget                     Get simulator memory block
hf mf eset                     Set simulator memory block
hf mf eload     Load from file emul dump
hf mf esave     Save to file emul dump
hf mf ecfill     Fill simulator memory with help of keys from simulator
hf mf ekeyprn     Print keys from simulator memory
lf cmdread                      <off period> <'0' period> <'1' period> <command> ('h') -- Modulat e LF reader field to send command before read (all  periods in microseconds) (option 'h' for 134)
lf em4x em410xread     (clock rate) -- Extract ID fro
lf em4x em410xsim     <UID> -- Simulate EM410x tag
lf em4x em410xwatch Watches for EM410x tags
lf em4x em4x50read     Extract data from EM4x50 tag
lf flexdemod    Demodulate samples for FlexPass
lf hid demod    Demodulate HID Prox Card II (not optimal)
lf hid fskdemod    Realtime HID FSK demodulator
lf hid sim                    <ID> -- HID tag simulator
lf indalademod    ('224') -- Demodulate samples for Indala 64 bit UID (option '224' for 224 bit)
lf read                    ('h') -- Read 125/134 kHz LF ID-only tag (option 'h' for 134)
lf sim                    (GAP) -- Simulate LF tag from buffer with optional GAP (in micros econ ds)
lf simbidir                    Simulate LF tag (with bidirectional data transmission between reader and tag)
lf simman                    <Clock> <Bitstream> (GAP) Simulate arbitrary Manchester LF tag
lf ti demod                    Demodulate raw bits for TI-type LF tag
lf ti read                    Read and decode a TI 134 kHz tag
lf ti write                    <ID> -- HID tag simulator
lf vchdemod    ('clone') -- Demodulate samples for VeriChip


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