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#1 2019-12-05 23:07:18

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SMA Adapter for PM3

With the proliferation of SDR platforms over the past 6+ years there are more options than ever for antennas.

Is anyone aware of adapters for handling hooking up a 50ohm antenna with an SMA connector to the classic Proxmark3?

I've read some pas threads ( discussing this but in each case it's a beautiful and unique snowflake someone has built.

From a usability perspective it would be nice to have it hook up via the Hirose connector, but ultimately I'm open to whatever options folks could suggest (pogo pins on test points, a different PM3 model, etc).

The use case is actually to (VERY slowly) begin looking into different frequency ranges. I've been having a lot of success with the CF-5102 / LJYZN-105 units, but foresee some additional benefits which could come from more in-depth signal processing.


#2 2019-12-06 05:51:59

Registered: 2013-04-25
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Re: SMA Adapter for PM3

I guess you would need to build a converter,  that has hirose / SMA to fit to it.   OR MMXC/SMA  or USB/SMA depending on your Proxmark3 device.  The RDV4 has screws on pcb.  There is no unified antenna connector in the Pm3 ecosystem I'm afraid.


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