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#1 2019-12-03 23:24:43

Registered: 2019-12-02
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Mifare classic 1k public transport decoder please HELP me

Type Mifare
Size 1024 Bytes
UID 77f72cbc
SAK 08
ATQA 0400
Name Mifare Classic 1k/Mifare Plus(4 byte UID) 2K SL1

All files and photos are available on the current google drive link.
>>>google drive link<<<

I got a new bus card. access to sectors and blocks from 15 blocks of pm3, 64 blocks available from 0-15 sectors, each individually encrypted. then I did the upload, now the data dump is available $0, $5, $7 and $8

I loaded money on the card. I copied the data, I'm uploading the data I copied when the balance is low. now I want to analyze the codes, I want to load the amount he wants

I did the mifare classic tool with value blocks as integers, 0 5 7 8 data values are the same. but changing sectors cannot be decode

I did my best, please help me
question 1
Is it possible to load the balance I want on the card?
question 2
How do I decode it?
question 3
how can I determine the amount of balance I want

All files and photos are available on the current google drive link.

>>>google drive link<<<

20191204-004048.jpg  0$ balance dump

20191204-004215.jpg 5$ balance dump

20191204-004327.jpg  7$ balance dump

20191204-004506.jpg   8$ balance dump

Screenshot-20191204-010302-MIFARE-Classic-Tool.jpg $0 and $5 balance dump difference

Screenshot-20191204-010322-MIFARE-Classic-Tool.jpg $0 and $7 balance dump difference

Screenshot-20191204-010343-MIFARE-Classic-Tool.jpg $0 and $8 balance dump difference

Screenshot-20191204-010404-MIFARE-Classic-Tool.jpg  $5 and $7 balance dump difference

Screenshot-20191204-010419-MIFARE-Classic-Tool.jpg  $5 and $8 balance dump difference

Screenshot-20191204-010443-MIFARE-Classic-Tool.jpg $7 and $8 balance dump difference


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