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#1 2019-08-31 21:45:41

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Long Range RFID Hoover

I'm looking to design a long range LF/HF front end for a reader for penetration testing, something to put in a backpack. This has been done before (Bishop Fox Tastic, etc), but they use off the shelf readers, and record the output. Of course, it's a lot bigger than it needs to be, single frequency, and likely will only work with one type of card. I've looked into RFID chips that nicely handle a lot of the lower level stuff, but usually put out about 100mW. I would assume that, all other things being equal, an output of 1 Watt or more would increase read range, and based on the 'High Voltage' warning on the Tastic's reader, the approach has been used before. Since the chips I'm finding appear to handle this, has anyone experimented with adding some kind of PA to the antenna end of the reader? Anyone experiment with long range readers (1 foot or more)?


#2 2019-09-06 16:42:16

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Re: Long Range RFID Hoover

Yes, I have experimented with the PA to the Antenna end of the reader and with long-range readers, I am an engineer at DO RFID Tag manufacturer and I have worked for a number of projects for long-range readers

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#3 2019-09-06 16:44:19

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Re: Long Range RFID Hoover

one more spam post from you and you are perma banned.


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