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#1 2019-06-20 02:34:52

Registered: 2017-03-02
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[RDV4] iclass on RDV4


I was planning to purchase a RDV 2 to do some research on iclass after I found the PM3 Easy hardly communicate with the fobs.

It seems the latest version of PM3 is RDV 4. Does anyone have any experience working with iclass on RDV4? I know the RDV2 antenna still have some issues reading iclass fobs (You need to hold the fob 1-2cm away from the antenna). Are they solved in RDV4?



#2 2019-06-20 19:29:43

Registered: 2013-04-25
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Re: [RDV4] iclass on RDV4

The 99% of the devices nowdays works with iClass if you buy an original. The cheapest Proxmark3 Easy (RDV3.0) clones found everywhere have hardware issues.  Not all of them but many.  Buying a clone is a gamble.

RDV2 is still a great model.  Otherwise its just a firmware question. Use latest Offical repo since it has good iClass support.


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