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#1 2019-01-20 00:38:00

Registered: 2019-01-19
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Proxmark/Proxbrute Indala/T55XX read/clone/bruteforce

If my questions are painful, I am sorry. I am somewhat new to RFID..

Firstly, Specs:


Prox/RFID mark3 RFID instrument w/ LF Antenna
bootrom: master/v3.1.0-51-gd3c6065-suspect 2019-01-19 19:14:40
os: master/v3.1.0-51-gd3c6065-suspect 2019-01-19 19:14:50
fpga_lf.bit built for 2s30vq100 on 2015/03/06 at 07:38:04
fpga_hf.bit built for 2s30vq100 on 2018/11/28 at 08:33:11

Running Proxbrute minor Lemon 3.1.0(ish)


x86 Win 10

So, I have an Indala 125Mhz card which I want to use as a base to bruteforce a reader. It won't read unless I specifically use 'ls indala read'. but I have managed to clone it on to a T55xx card.

I downloaded proxbrute and flashed it, but I can't figure out how to read the indala card and start cycling through. I cant find any kind of guide besides basically a '--help' printout. I am also finding it quite buggy & with cut down abilities. There looks like there are some good scripts installed but I dont know which one does what as the filenames aren't exactly clear.

Is there any guide that gives a list of all the cards/frequencies/their compatability with each other/whether the tech has been rooted & maybe even a simple way to identify which square plastic card/keyfob uses what tech?


Anyway, any help would be appreciated.


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