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#1 2018-08-03 22:49:10

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RFID format conversion

Hi everyone

I have problem converting a RFID code into another format.

An entity has key cards that have one code registered to the cards.
They have the code classified as DIRECTNUMBER.

An example:
The key cards RFID code in their system: 12003A8000

The machine I need to use these cards on register's this as:
Card decimal number: 0973083258
Card hexa number: 3A00127A

Anyone has an idea which format is the code in their system (12003A8000) and how to convert it to the decimal number/hexa number that my machine is registering?

By using Mifare RFID reader, I was able to get an output of 12003A by setting an output format of 13 no. in D. But still, I am unable to get the 8000 after the code.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!


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