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#1 2018-07-03 10:09:02

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Help understanding Mifare Classic (encrpyted) Data

I would like to know more about the Mifare Classic data blocks and how they are encrypted or coded.

There are a lot of documentations on the net, but what I've found so far is the data blocks are often stored in plain text or by XOR.

For XOR, the uid (e.g., 0457efda) or other recognizable recurring value is often taken.

In one example, I have generated a Mifare dump after through known Key A & Key B for each sector.

Now I'm looking for the value C8, which should be in my example in sector 4, block 17:

00 46 42 63 5B D6 4E 24 00 40 80 A5 00 00 00 E5

I have played through various XOR variants, but I can not find the value C8

What possibilities do i have, do you need any further information or am i on the completely wrong path?

Thanks in advance


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