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#1 2018-05-20 20:54:41

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Where do "UID writable" chips come from?


I'm asking this question because I received a few days ago some UID writeable chips that I ordered from Banggood here. (they were advertised as "Block writable" however they need the "magic command" to change the UID)

I'm wondering if a company created MIFARE chip clones specifically designed to be "UID writable", or if these are emulators based on some kind of microcontroller, or maybe a chip in which a backdoor was discovered but was only intended to be used during manufacturing.

I noticed that the block 0 ends with "bcdefghi" and by googling "mifare bcdefghi" and I found a paper from Nicolas Courtois where at page 99 he says that Kiev transport cards use Fudan microelectronics FM11RF08 and that the block 0 ends with "bcdefghi". Of course this does neither means that FM11RF08 chips are UID changeable nor that a chip which block 0 ends with "bcdefghi" is a Fudan FM11RF08, but this might be a clue concerning the source of these "UID changeable" chips. Maybe i'll order cards with FM11RF08 to see if they have the backdoor to change the UID

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