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#1 2010-01-08 02:33:09

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Leftover CCC PM3 units for sale in the U.S.

I had some PM3 units professionally made to sell at CCC in Berlin; thanks to all that bought them, I hope you're enjoying them!

I'm currently talking to a European distributor about some of the remaining units, but I brought a couple of leftover units back to the U.S. with me; I'm asking $250 for each via PayPal (plus $5 for Priority Mail shipping or $15 for Express Mail, U.S. delivery only for the time being).   Each is fully tested and comes with the fully-assembled PM3 PCB itself, a LF antenna PCB, a couple of USB->Hirose cables to use to make a HF antenna per Roel's directions, and a couple of cables to connect everything together.   They're flashed with firmware built from SVN as of the beginning of December, but I can reflash them to whatever version you'd like (as can you, over USB).

If you're interested, please contact me privately.

By request, here are some photos:
CCC PM3 board

CCC PM3 kit
Shown in photo: PM3 board, LF antenna PCB, 4 cables (LF to PM3, PC to PM3, and 2 different cables to use to make an HF antenna) and instruction booklet.

Again, I'm only shipping to U.S. addresses, I'm still in discussions with a European distributor.

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#2 2010-01-08 05:43:38

From: Between a REQB and a ATQB
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Re: Leftover CCC PM3 units for sale in the U.S.

That's a hellofa good price! Anybody who is seeking a PM3, now is the time to buy!


#3 2010-01-09 23:17:10

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Re: Leftover CCC PM3 units for sale in the U.S.


ask European distributor - it will be cheaper send it over Europe - to Poland.
Is price will be the same?

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#4 2010-01-12 00:24:12

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Re: Leftover CCC PM3 units for sale in the U.S.

I was as well on the 26C3 in Berlin. I'd be happy to offer that above kit to everyone in the EU on a private basis for EUR 200,-

Apart from that everything is equal to bushings offer.

Those leftovers are sold privately, without any guarantee. If you need an official invoice or international (non-EU) shipping, you might want to contact for that kit:

The LF board is a design of Jonathan Westhues, a printed coil with a suitable capacitor for 125.0 kHz (nevertheless still usable for 134.0 kHz). It was made by lovely Chinese women with long, black hair and beautiful eyes :-)

If you are interested (for the PM3, not the girls), please contact me by PM.


#5 2010-01-12 01:35:34

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Re: Leftover CCC PM3 units for sale in the U.S.

Happy New Year Everyone!

It really is a great time to buy a proxmark. In addition to the great deals offered above, we are having a new year sale thru 1/15/2010.

Proxmark + Case + Cables for $299 USD.

More information at

[url=]Buy a Proxmark[/url]


#6 2010-01-31 10:01:34

Ground Loop
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Re: Leftover CCC PM3 units for sale in the U.S.

Thanks bushing!  The kit arrived today in fine shape.

At last, the mythical Hirose USB cable, in the flesh. smile


#7 2010-04-05 12:21:56

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Re: Leftover CCC PM3 units for sale in the U.S.

The price of bushing is very good, not as proxcat very high price for nothing. For a simple HF antenna the cost is 59$, is it a gold PCB?
I bought one PM3 without cables and case from proxcat some months ago for 450$ and now he sells for 300$.
Thank you to competition in the business.


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