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#1 2016-05-20 09:56:15

From: Paris, France
Registered: 2016-04-25
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14443B "info" command?

Hello there,

I'm not that familiar with ISO 14443-B tags, and first of all I don't know in which category I should put this post.

This morning I encountered an ISO 14443-B tag, appearing as a "14443-4 Smart Card" on my phone.

The "14b reader" command displays the following:

pm3 --> hf 14b reader
#db# ISO14443B Timeout set to 38656 fwt          
 UID    : XX XX XX XX          
 ATQB   : 00 00 00 00 91 71 71           
 CHIPID : 00          
      App Data: 00 00 00 00           
      Protocol: 91 71 71           
      Bit Rate: 212 kbit/s PICC -> PCD supported          
      Bit Rate: 212 kbit/s PICC <- PCD supported          
                Same bit rate <-> required          
Max Frame Size: 128 bytes          
 Protocol Type: Protocol is compliant with ISO/IEC 14443-4          
Frame Wait Integer: 7 - 4096 ETUs | 38656 us          
 App Data Code: Application is Proprietary          
 Frame Options: NAD is not supported          
 Frame Options: CID is supported          
Tag :          
  Max Buf Length: 0 (MBLI) chained frames not supported          
  CDI : 0  

Thus the protocol is 91 71 71.

The command "14b info" fails with

pm3 --> hf 14b info
no 14443B tag found 

Any idea what is going on?

I am using a recent (~1 week) version of iceman's patch.

I will try to investigate but I am surprised that the "info" command shows "no tag found" while the tag hasn't moved away from the antenna...


#2 2016-05-21 07:56:48

Registered: 2013-04-25
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Re: 14443B "info" command?

I've been remaking the 14b commands,  its very distance and position sensitive.  If you get a read, go for the 14b raw command to talk with tag.  14b support is not so good in pm3.

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