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#1 2009-07-24 03:35:07
From: UK
Registered: 2009-05-01
Posts: 203

New flasher modes

I've added two features to flasher...

firstly, 'fast' mode:

  $ ./flasher
  Usage: ./flasher {bootrom|os|fpga} image.s19 [f]ast
         ./flasher {both} osimage.s19 fpgaimage.s19 [f]ast

If you specify the 'f', it assumes the device is already up and running and in FLASH mode, so doesn't need a reboot. Since linux is quite slow at starting the PM3, this makes a huge difference to the time it takes to do a complete flash cycle.

The second option, 'both' will flash both the os and fpga in one cycle:

  $ ./flasher both ../armsrc/osimage.s19 ../armsrc/fpgaimage.s19 f
  Fastflash - device already in FLASH mode...
  Waiting for Proxmark to appear on USB...
  Flashing os...
  expected = 0001a394 flush, c.ext1 = 0001a300
  Flashing fpga...
  expected = 0000c474 flush, c.ext1 = 0000c400
  Have a nice day!


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