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#1 2016-01-18 14:46:57

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the most complementary tool for proxmark is on kickstarter!!

Just to inform everybody please support these guys.
with the project because its a Search beautiful tool to have next to your proxmark3
its not a replacement because this device aims to be a card , and proxmark3 is more like a very extended reader device
It supports cards like ultralight classic 1k and 4k , and will support more cards soon.
it has a battery build in , and its very handy to put in your purse to replace your cards
by just one smile 
it also is capable of sniffing communication but that's in beta and not completed yet.
but the focus is emulating cards instead of being the ultimate card reader!

perfect smart card emulator project.

here is what they write about them self:

ChameleonMini RevG. is a freely programmable, standalone tool for NFC
security analysis, amongst others to emulate & clone contactless cards
(ISO14443/15693/NFC), read RFID tags and log/sniff RF data. The
cost-efficient device is highly suitable for NFC/RFID/Wireless security
lab courses as well as implementations of own (cryptographic) schemes,
e.g., lightweight or post-quantum RFIDs. Further it can be used, e.g.,
for renting bicycles, opening doors, and paying (see videos on the
Kickstarter website).

The project will make an improved Hardware (and Firmware) for the
easy-to-use NFC tool publicly available at a low cost and we hope to
find enough supporters (especially at the universities and in hacker
spaces...) to reach the goal and go for the development and a big
production run. There are also hobby packs (5 pcs.) and lab packs (20
pcs.) available, and other options to support the project.

Please forward this email to other interested people.
Go for it!


#2 2016-01-18 23:09:06

From: Vic - Australia
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Re: the most complementary tool for proxmark is on kickstarter!!

Built one a while ago. It's a good project.

Want to contact me? Here's my email address...


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