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#1 2009-07-01 06:13:31

From: los angeles, california
Registered: 2009-06-18
Posts: 148

Now available: Simple LF ID-based tag cloner!

Hi guys,

I've made various functions to simplify cloning existing LF tags. Unfortunately I only have a Phidgets reader and EM4102 tags to test with, so I can't really see if this would work with other tags.

Any testing and reports would be great!

Cloning tags is now simple. Just run:

That's it!

I've updated losim to auto-detect the clock rate of the saved tag and then convert the waveform into a bitstream ready for replay. No demodulation, clock rate specification, etc should be required.

I should get access to the google code repo shortly but until then, you can get the source from

Once this code is checked in, I'll update this topic with more info.

Again, any success/failure reports and the type of tag (and reader) would be great.



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