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#1 2015-03-31 13:52:47

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Peugoet 308 & transponder

Hi everyone,
  I'm playing with the transponder used in my car (Peugeot 308). If I look on Google, I know that my key includes VA2+ ID46 CHIP (look at:
  Visibly the ID46 is a hitag 2 transponder. So I decided to play with my pm3 to snoop the communication between the transponder and my car. However I'm not able to sniff  any communication.
  Here is an example of data:

[== Undefined ==]
proxmark3> lf hitag snoop
#db# Starting Hitag2 snoop                
proxmark3> lf hitag list
recorded activity:         
 ETU     :nbits: who bytes         
 +      0:    5:     c0            
 +   1799:   63:     8e  34  d7  1a  fd  27  93  d6 

Have you got an idea of why I don't see any exchange?
Have you got some hints to help me to start with hitag protocol?
Someone already played with the transponder of its car?



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