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#1 2014-11-05 04:45:36

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Which Proxmark to Buy?

Hello, I'm currently in China and can use TaoBao.

I'd like to buy a proxmark to help me in working on an android app to emulate RFID tags.  I just want a simple way to watch and understand how something like MIFARE or other cards talk to each other.

I'm very new to this though and am not sure which model of the proxmark I should buy.  Typing Proxmark into TaoBao brings back a huge range of prices & boards.

Thanks in advance!  cool


#2 2014-11-05 11:24:41

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Re: Which Proxmark to Buy?

There are some things you should know...

* There are numerous forum users who've bought pm3:s from china which do not work properly. There are lots of threads about that. In my opinion, buy from if you don't want the hassle and can afford it.
* There are problems emulating "RFID tags" from standard chips (e.g. most (all?) android-devices). For example, emulating mifare classic is impossible, afaik, with most chips. Make sure you know the limitations before you invest time and money.


#3 2014-11-05 11:39:26

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Re: Which Proxmark to Buy?

I bought my second PM3 in China, from Radiowar on Taobao.  Works like a charm, it is with 512kb.  However, if you buy that one make sure u buy antennas from them since they have another capacitor than the one sells.

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