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#1 2014-05-13 08:15:53

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RFID middleware app

Hi i am new to RFID reader technology , however i got my hands wet and created a middlware app for my healthcare industry using SL500 USB reader from StrongLink .

Here are a few things i need help with :

1. My RFID read looks slow , is there a way or suggestion or best practsies that can optimize it ?
2. Is there a way to test if the card was placed on the reader and if not return an error message saying "place the card" or something
3. My software communicates with a server and relies on info to read and write data on it . Can it be a server slow ...

Any help will be much appreciated

Thanks & Regards


#2 2014-05-13 13:03:20

From: Vic - Australia
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Re: RFID middleware app

codehelp87, your questions are too vague.

In order to help you, you must first help us by providing some useful information. Information such as:

  • The platform this is being developed on?

  • What language you are using?

  • What have you tried? Show your code.

  • ...

1. Possibly, but we don't even know what card technology you are dealing with.
2. Yes.
3. Maybe.

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