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#1 2009-03-30 11:55:33

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Generic ASK & Manchester decoding for LF tags

Hi All,

I have just implemented two new commands for the proxmark for LF tags (see my post on "unknown LF tag"): it is useful for simple amplitude-modulated tags such as EM Marin 125kHz tags:

- askdemod: takes 2 arguments, one is the clock rate, one is the modulation convention (high mod is 1 or high mod is zero)

  This command demodulates the stream into a binary stream into the trace buffer (0's and 1's).

- mandemod: manchester decoding of a bitstream: takes a binary stream from the trace buffer (see askdemod) and attempts to do manchester decoding to it. One argument: clock rate. Outputs the bitstream to the scrollback buffer.

  Those two helped me to validate that the unknown tag I had was indeed an EM4100 type of tag - I should now implement proper sync and formatting of the tag bit output into the proxmark itself...

  Uploaded (in a few seconds...) as 20090328 firmware in the files section.

  let me know if this helps!



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