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#1 2013-07-03 11:26:29

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"hf tune" doesn't instantly display tune results

The last time I had used my Proxmark it still used the shitty USB HID interface. Back in the days, "hw tune" worked just fine (i.e. once triggered it would repeatedly display current HF amplitude until the button was pressed).

Now I've upgraded to latest SVN (using Linux, SVN 752). Good lord, the CDC interface is a BLESSING! Seriously. Amazing. Only one small "but": "hf tune" doens't work for me anymore. When I fire it up:

proxmark3> hf tune

I'll just get a new command prompt and it appears as if nothing was happening. Only when I cancel the operation by the button press do I get all the lines at once:

#db# Measuring HF antenna, press button to exit                 
#db# 5349 mV                 
#db# 5252 mV                 
#db# 5510 mV                 
#db# 5220 mV                 
#db# 5349 mV                 
#db# 5542 mV                 
#db# 5156 mV                 
#db# 5542 mV                 
#db# cancelled                 

But that's not really useful for tuning :-)


#2 2014-01-20 13:40:23

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Re: "hf tune" doesn't instantly display tune results

I'm proposing to submit my major revision into the SVN and start working from there (any idea how to easily branch in google-code?). It is working already for the most parts. Though I run into some hick-ups of code that was not designed buffer size independent wink

"Add Mee"


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